Meitus Energy Services





Our evolution was natural. Charles Meitus, President of Meitus Energy Services, was introduced to Jamie Moriarty, founder of 326energy, and the collaboration was underway. With Jamie’s ten years of experience in the energy brokerage industry along with deep ties in supplier relationships, and Charles' innovative mindset and wide reach in commercial real estate, the two expanded on their current offering of top of the line brokerage service in energy procurement and seized the opportunity to pioneer into the solar space. As Meitus and Moriarty’s partnership continued to expand and grow, their alliance was strengthened by bringing onboard Matt Meitus, the current COO of the brand. Residing in the Bay Area (California is the US leader in renewable energy), Matt’s value in connectivity, the ability to nurture relationships, and passion for a renewable future, was essential to the management of MES.

For homeowners looking to go solar, Meitus Energy Services is a solar panel system broker that sources solar installers that meet your specific needs. Rather than spending your time and energy researching established solar contractors that provide high-quality equipment, comprehensive warranties, and competitive prices, we match your project with the right supplier and provide white glove service from quote to installation.


Within the solar marketplace, there are too many options to make an informed decision. With over 10,000 solar companies operating in every state, knowing where to look when beginning a solar project can be overwhelming. The solar industry is growing rapidly with a growth rate of 50% every year, and government-offered, as well as utility-offered incentives are running rampant. If you aren’t informed in all the minor details, and privy to every possible opportunity for savings, things can get quite muddled and confusing. Great opportunities to see large monetary remuneration to complete a solar project may get overlooked and lost in the shuffle. A homeowner can spend countless hours researching installers and exponentially more time providing all the necessary information to obtain that initial quote, design a project, apply for project permitting, complete inspection and so on.


The Solution? Meitus Energy Services: an experienced team of educated solar professionals to save you your precious time and money. We deploy a system to find the best contractors, offering the best products, while we showcase the best service, to complete your project to perfection.