Buying Your Home:

Our Plan

Phase One

Initial Call

Prior to our initial phone call, you will receive a Buyer's Questionnaire.  That way when we speak over the phone for a quick (30min) phone call, we will be efficient with your time, and focus on making sure we understand your real estate needs are the best fit.

Get to Know the Neighborhoods and Marketplace

Most clients have a general idea of what cities and neighborhoods most appeal to them. However, we will strategically examine your criteria to help determine areas within those cities and neighborhoods are a good match for you and your needs.  We will personally take you to your selected neighborhoods, provide an overview of the area, and show homes that are a good representation. Most importantly, our agents will provide you with information about schools, local amenities, and an appreciation of the chosen area.

Urban Garden
Paved Terrace

Phase Two

Get Pre-Approved

Getting pre-approved is an important step in the home buying process. In this market, a pre-approval letter is a prerequisite for consideration of your offer, and will be included in the package when submitting an offer.

Find a Home & Review Disclosures

Once you have located the desired property, we will carefully review the disclosures.  Some of the disclosures that may be included are:

  • Property Inspection Report

  • Pest Inspection Report

  • Seller's Disclosures

  • Title Report

  • Homeowners Association (HOA) Documents

Phase Three

Offer & Ratified Contract

Our agents will work with you on drafting an offer. We will be in constant communication with the listing agent to find out how many offers there are and what we can do to submit the strongest offer possible. When deciding on what price to offer, we will review the market and comparable sales with you and provide our expertise on what would be a strong offer, while remaining within your comfort level..

Bright and Modern Kitchen

Once you are in contract, the average escrow is between 21 and 30 days.  The first step will be to initiate the initial deposit, which is typically around 3% of the purchase price and is due within 1-3 business days. If you have a loan, we will also coordinate the appraisal and be on site for the appointment to answer any questions the appraiser may have. If your offer has contingencies, we will coordinate the vendor appointments, as well as submit any required paperwork.


We have a Transaction Coordinator on staff who will guide you and keep you appraised of all the steps during the escrow process.  Once the purchase of your home is official and recorded with the county, we will notify you immediately of the exciting news and will happily hand over all keys to you. 

Escrow & Closing