Adam Rosen




I believe in progress. I love the concept and the idea of real innovation when it comes to home loans. While I cheer on those fighting for peer to peer and crowdsourced funding options, I also remain realistic when it comes to mortgage innovation in the year 2019. I don't believe WalMart is going to enter the home loan space in the near future, and even if they did, I don't believe they are the solution to the collapse of 2008. One thing is clear, big banks are not going to be the ones leading this charge for change. If we expect to see real innovation, we must begin by changing the way we SELL mortgage financing. For starters, it means catering to a new generation of buyers by making this process mobile and eFriendly. It means working with information experts with an uncanny love for what they do.


Adam Rosen and Guaranteed Rate get that and we want to be your teammate throughout the process. You owe it to yourself to choose a good coach. This isn't a TV upgrade or a used car lease, this is a home loan for gosh sakes. Trust my 25+ years of experience in this industry on all sides of the lending space. Trust the home of the first digital mortgage. Trust Guaranteed Rate's history and reputation across the 50 states. Trust that I understand the process and trust that I am here with you all the way. No pressure, no opinions, just a seasoned home loan coach ready to help YOU.